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Blog 1: My Path: Understanding ''mistakes''

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

I was born in Buenos Aires in Argentine. Since I can remember I loved art. As a small girl I used to enjoy designing and coloring my own drawings.

When I grown up, I loved science, so when the time to chose a career arrived, I opted for biochemistry despite of were no such of profession in my family. For a long time, I was passionate for my work into the lab, helping doctors to diagnose illness and/or to provide accurate treatments to their patients. As you can imagine, when you are dealing with results that can lead doctors to treat their patients, there is no room for mistakes. In order to have very accurate results you have to follow strict protocols and meeting rigorous standards of quality.

When I arrived to Montreal, after a couple of jobs, I started working into the pharmaceutical industry in quality control. My work was to test products in order to verify if they comply with the law requirements to assure patients safety, and again: no room for mistakes. Trough the years I was developing a sense of ‘’perfection’’, thinking mistakes were a really bad thing because they can lead to death. I started feeling that I ‘’got trap’’, kind of loosing myself in perfection. At that moment, almost four years ago, I started to reconnect with art.

My soul needed a kind of freedom, a relief from the heavy weigh of ‘’carrying mistakes’’. I restarted exploring acrylic paints and I discovered that whatever I disliked in my paint I can corrected with another layer, and again, and again… so there was an error proof technique!!! If I was using a color that was not harmonic or a design not ‘’perfect’’ I could be re-do it with no consequences! So, I started changing my fears of making mistakes into a free world of creation…… It was so therapeutic!!!!

I got the courage to try new techniques, that were more challenging: pouring, alcohol inks, resin and also a combination of all of them.

Exploring those new techniques were my medicine, trying to figure them out, I learned by myself watching videos and following some artists, but the tests were not always going in the way I wanted to. Pouring is a tricky technique, it was hard to get adequate results because there were many parameters at the same time: the type of acrylic paint, the use of additives, water and/or silicon. My scientific training helped me to find out the right parameters. I finished almost having a lab at home: buying a lot of products mixing them in different ratios, obtaining different consistencies, until I found out ‘’the formula that worked for me’’.

I started teaching mainly on the weekends those new art trends. Every time in class, I was emphasizing the importance of don’t get trap in mistakes, I was encouraging my students to try new things without being afraid of making mistakes but learn because of them.

I am so happy to finally understand that mistakes can lead to beauty… Are you willing to try?


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