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my ART is a BRIDGE between our SOULS

I am an intuitive artist. The exploration of my deep emotions gave me the opportunity to transmute and accept my own transformation.

I put all my feelings into an empty canvas, choosing the colors effortless guided by my intuition and using texture to enhance my emotions. Fully expressing myself in this way, I allow people to feel the emotions I am going through opening a door for them to explore their own feelings.

The love I use to create each of my paints or products brings love and peace in other people’s lives. I can bring my light into each person’s darkness to help them to move forward in this life.

My whole life has prepared me for this moment, my inner curiosity has allowed me to freely explore new paths, new techniques and new materials.

My scientific background taught me perseverance, thoroughness and passion to accomplish complex projects; my capacity of teaching helps me to share my enthusiasm and accompany people through the endless adventure of exploring new challenges while expressing their feelings.


Patricia Alonso is born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since she was a little girl, she always liked art, she enjoyed drawing and coloring her own story books.


When she was a grown up, she loved science, so she enrolled in biochemistry. After which, she worked in a medical laboratory for many years, and she also sold laboratory equipment.

In 2003, life brought her to Montreal, so she worked selling medical products, as a project manager. She also worked for two pharmaceutical companies. 


Passion for art never abandoned Patricia: her scientific background allowed her to create her own artistic laboratory at her studio to explore new techniques with no fear and with the freedom of using mistakes to learn and move forward. As a self-taught, she enjoys discovering new things.


Her inspiration come for her strong intuition, and she is not afraid to show her feelings when creating her unique products. She loves to use vibrant colors and textures to let her passion flow, bringing people hope and love.

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