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Blog 4: Create is connecting with the present moment…

Teach is one of the things I love the most. When teaching to my students to live in the present moment enjoying every precious instant, it is the better way for me to remains into/in this creative state of mind.

Letting the past behind, not getting obsessed with the things we believe we could change is a real challenge. The past has already gone; we have to keep in mind that at that moment we did our best with the knowledge we got. We don’t need to be judged so hard by ourselves now for not have having the elements we could have today. Anyway, there is nothing we can change about the past, also if we could know now the better path to go. Just learn about those experiences, accepting them ‘’as they were’’, acknowledge the fact that we have evolved because of them. We need to learn to let the past into the past to avoid being depress. Depression is connected with not let it go, keeping trap in the past.

Being worry about the future, is being anxious for what would happen; thinking like a computer, evaluating a million of possible scenarios for each event with no guarantee of reaching anyone of those… Anxiety can paralyse us, making us so afraid of leaving, waiting for the worst to arrive. Let me tell you that fear can’t never lead us to success.

The present moment is our real moment, it is where and when all happens

The better way for me to stay connected with the present moment is creating in my studio using vibrant colors and textures to let my passion flows free.

Create is connecting with the present moment: for me is all about art

What does it mean this connection with the present moment for you? Hearing music? Singing? Dancing? Writing? Reading? Cooking? Doing sport?

Enjoy your present moment!

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