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Blog 3 : Embracing Change

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Everything is changing at any time: all is dynamic. If we think about nature, we can witness how trees adapt to different seasons; in winter they reduce their surface at its minimum to be less affected by strong winds or snow. In spring they sprout and bloom when mild temperatures arise. In summer, they have their maximal growth expanding a thousand of leaves all around capturing all the sun energy and absorbing all the water with their roots.

When fall arrives, the start losing their leaves to prepare for winter. This is an eternal cycle of life.

Trees change along with nature: they don’t resist it. It is the same tree that is changing all the time follow the flow of nature.

As a human being we witness change all the time around us and in us.

All we experience around us is in movement: nature change seasons all year long, circumstances and environment in our life change; people around us come and go; also, our children grow-up and change: they evolve in their own.

If you think about our bodies, they are changing all the time since we were born; we change our vision/thinking trough the years as we experience life. We use our feelings to connect with ourselves and others. Our feelings change along with our perception, we can change our perception to change the way we see and experience things in life.

So, if everything is flowing and changing all the time around us, WHY are we still resisting change? Why don’t we flow easily and effortless like trees? Where is this resistance coming from? How can we managing to be free of resistance? Change is unknown coming; why are we experience fear or feel overwhelmed of the unknown when change is part of life? Why do we feel anxious about the unknown?

Take the courage to accept change, to explore it. Every change is an opportunity: if you always do the same thing, you will always have the same result. Why don’t you try anything different? Chose your present moment, open-up to new possibilities.

All dynamism is in the NOW, in the present moment, in your today!

What you resist persist…. Embrace change!

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